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Molly here, the owner/creator/editor-in-chief/graphic designer/stylist/writer(with others) (hah!) etc. of Donna Magazine! I would like to send out a BIG thank you to ALL you readers & especially to you who write so nice comments about Donna, it means SO MUCH to me! I would also like to say that I don’t know if there will be anymore of Donna, I want to know if anyone cares? COMMENT. And also, IF there is gonna be more I probably have to set up a little team, I need the very best (of course) if so. So keep your eyes open and be ready for some applications here (MAYBE!) in a while. I doubt that I will have the time though, I’m starting school again soon and all.. Well all I just wanted to know is if you appreciate¬†Donna and if you’d like to see more. Please feel free to comment (NICE comments please) and tell me what I should do!¬†


Molly (smoothieLove)


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